An account by Eric Hickey

In 1969 the Glaslinn Choir began as an SATB choir under the Vocational Education Music Scheme in the old 'Tech' / Vocational

School, Bandon. The Director for Music for the V.E.C. was Pilib O Laoghaire, conductor of Cór Cois Laoi – one of the country’s top choirs.

The choir took its name from the Glasslyn / Glaslinn river which is a tributary of the Bandon River and meets it at a forty-five degree

angle at the rear of the Methodist Church. The word Glaslinn means 'green pool' in English.

Tom Powell was appointed the Glaslinn Choir's first conductor. The Choir entered and won competition F in the 1970 Cork International Choral Festival, its first year in existence.

A by-product of the Choral festival was the Travelling Choirs. The artists from the visiting countries would be bussed to neighbouring towns to perform. The Glaslinn Choir played host to, among others, choirs from U.K., Sweden, Bulgaria and the Cossack Russian Dancers. They were then treated to

tea, cakes and sandwiches, supplied by the choir members and a sociable evening followed. The Bulgarian choir, at first, didn’t understand West Cork hospitality. They declared they’d perform, get on the bus and go home. They were told in no uncertain terms, that the girls had made cakes and

sandwiches and they were going to eat them. They did and had a great night afterwards. The Russian Cossack dancers turned out to be second and third generation Russian, based in London with Cockney accents! These choirs were hosted in the Convent Hall (Primary), The Town Hall and the now defunct Orchid Ballroom.

Tom Powell was succeeded by Niall Cosgrove (R.I.P.), Noel O’Regan, Maire Ni Laoire, Geraldine Fahy, Kay O’Sullivan, Brendan Power, Julie Allen, Tadhg Cotter and Geraldine Fahy.

Geraldine was the final conductor of the mixed voice Glaslinn Choir. Under her baton the choir came second in competition E at the Cork International Choral Festival.

The SATB choir performed in concerts with the Cork Youth Orchestra, the Band of the Southern Command, Sean O Sé and as guests at Cór Fhéile na Scol.It also participated in competitions at Pan Celtic Festivals, Feis Maitiú in Cork and many other charitable and social events.

A shortage of male voices necessitated a switch to an all-female choir in 2005. The first conductor of this new Glaslinn Ladies' choir was Geraldine Fahy. She was succeeded in 2006 by Antoinette Baker.